Do you ever set a goal, complete it and get little or no satisfaction from it?

If the answer was yes, then you have what’s next syndrome.

What is it?


Although it sounds like a negative, it is actually a positive. Defined – it is a mindset of never being satisfied. Always looking to your next challenge. Always trying to better yourself. Never happy with where you are.

An example came up during this week with one of my clients. We set a goal to get under 70 kilos 7 weeks ago. We got there on Friday morning. We both said, “well that’s great. What next?”.

It is that mindset that you need to succeed, in my opinion. Never stopping and being satisfied. Always wanting more.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t note how far you’ve come. But once you have that moment, it is right back to the drawing board to plan our new goal.

It is having that drive, hunger, energy and becoming addicted to making results that is what you find in the most successful people. They are in constant battle with themselves for more.


So, if you are reading this now – make sure you have a goal. Without a goal, we have no direction. Devote your time in achieving this goal. Once achieved, note it, celebrate it, but the next day, ask yourself – what’s next?

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