Where we are going wrong

I see it time and time again, and I am sometimes guilty of it too! Rushing through the last few reps and or sets to just ‘get them done’. However, when we reflect on this and ask ourselves – ‘was that optimal?’ or ‘did I get everything out of that I needed?’. The answer will most likely be no!

Taking an exercise like walking lunges for example. If we programme 10 reps each leg, that is 20 reps in total. To complete this with the time under tension principle, this could take upwards of 1.5 -2 minutes, if done correctly. This is a lot of time to be concentrated for. When we get to the last 4-6 reps, are we just rushing them to get them done? Or are we staying present with every rep, and executing them immaculately? This is the difference.

The Key

For me, the ones who can stay present and concentrated towards the last 20-30% of their reps, and execute these perfectly, are the ones who will progress. Don’t just rush your reps, take your time and stay present.

Visualise before you start, stay present while you are in the set and execute!

Give this a go next time you’re training!