Feeling unmotivated to train at the moment? And when you do, your training intensity just isn’t there?

This is natural. And I say this because we have gone from an environment that has so many mental triggers which dials you in unconsciously.

Triggers like the drive to the gym listening to music, hearing the sounds of weights clanking together as you walk in the doors, the sound of someone’s grunt as they push out their last rep of bench press and even the smell of the locker room.

These triggers send a message to your brain that it is time to train. Time to get amped. Time to turn up our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).

Now we don’t have that. We have a corner of a room which takes 4.5 seconds to walk over from our ‘desk’. We slot in a quick 20 minute session, where we are more concerned about moving the mouse every 60 seconds so it looks like we are still online. No music playing. We’re either wearing our work clothes or pyjamas. No atmosphere. Sound familiar?


So here are some triggers to put in place to create a training environment:

  1. Choose a time slot during the day, either side of work or on your lunch time. I advise getting it done early, where you know you will have energy.
  2. Have a pre workout ritual as close to one you had outside the gym – Water, meal and or caffeine if applicable.
  3. Change into gym gear you would normally wear to the gym. No PJ’s or Levi’s.
  4. Plug your earphones in, listen to music you usually listen to.
  5. If you can – select a room/ part of your home where you can be in private and have a little space. It’s your time.
  6. Do your usual warm up. Pulse raiser, mobilisation and activation. Get the heart rate up.
  7. HAVE A PROGRAMME. This is highlighted for a reason. No programme, no purpose.
  8. Log your workout. Write down the reps/ weight/ bands you used.
  9. Come into workout’s looking to progress your log book mentioned above. It will give you drive to work harder in the set
  10. Find exercises you enjoy doing and have fun. This is essential for adherence. Trial and error of exercises will help you select the right ones

Having the accountability to put all of these into practice and give yourself motivation is tough. Writing your programme which is working towards your goals and objectively creating a meal plan are all vital components to keep you healthy, happy and moving through this tough time.

If you do need some help with this, please reach out and join me for a 4/8 week home workout style transformation.

Any questions or queries or if you just need some help, please reach out: