Client Results

Watching my clients achieve their goals, is the most rewarding feeling you can imagine

Client Results

The most rewarding part for me is seeing my clients get the best possible results they can

Client Testimonials

” To say I’m happy with the 8 week program is an understatement. Professionals like Josh are diamonds in the rough these days. It’s been worth every cent!”

Angie, 42

Allison 24

Signing up to the eight week transformation programme with Josh is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. The plan he gave me was perfectly tailored to what I wanted to achieve, and I really felt like he was with me the whole way. The food plan just made things so much easier, it’s such a useful tool, and I have it for life now.

The best thing about Josh is how realistic he is about things. He does not expect you to train and eat like a professional athlete, he builds a programme that fits your life, and even if you fall of the wagon a little bit, he won’t tear to shreds, he’ll encourage you to get back to where you were, and remind you how well you’re doing. His weekly check-ins were a little burst of positivity, and he was always there to answer questions and give constructive feedback.

Josh is a brilliant coach because he listens and he actually cares about his clients. If you’ve always been tempted to try personal training or want to learn more in the gym, write to Josh. You will not regret it.

Aside from that, the programme really was brilliant, I think it’s the perfect length of time to achieve something and I really do feel great. I’ve so much more energy, I’m down 3kg, but most importantly I’m comfortable in the gym, I’m confident in my movements and I feel like I have way more knowledge than ever about looking after myself and my body.

8 Week Transformation

Angie 42

I went into the 8-week program with a very apprehensive mind as I live in Spain and had had negative experiences with PTs in the area where I live. I had been bone idle for 3 months due to a knee injury. Josh’s nutrition plan was an eye-opener! So much food in the plate! I thought there was no way I’d reduce weight eating so much. Within 3 weeks I had been proven wrong. I was already 3.5 kilos down by then. The training program was generally well-explained and whenever I had a doubt about posture in specific exercises Josh was just a whatsapp away.

I found the video resource library extremely useful. He carries out regular check-ins and makes sure you’re on the right path. To say I’m happy with this program is an understatement. Professionals like Josh are diamonds in the rough these days. It’s been worth every cent!

8 Week Transformation

Mark 24

Anyone who has tried to diet before and has failed has to try Josh’s plan – it is literally foolproof. He keeps things simple and the plans are really easy to follow. The best thing about Josh’s plans is they’re sustainable – you can go out and enjoy yourself but still get results.

Josh has been there every step of the way with me and gives me the motivation to keep going if I’m not feeling up to it. He is always available to answer the many questions which I have, as well as giving me tips on how to improve and achieve my goals. Focusing on calories rather than specific “must eat” foods really helped me and made it a lot easier personally. Usually when I have tried to diet in the past I’d give up when I don’t get quick results – Josh helped me to change my mindset. Could not recommend one of his plans more.

8 Week Transformation

Ciaran 25

Josh was a great to work with. Giving me targets to work towards each week in training and nutrition gave me the focus to adhere to it. He always got back to me instantly if I had any queries and would break down everything in layman’s terms  and make it easy for me to understand!

I was pleasantly surprised with my results after just 4 weeks! I would definitely recommend working with Josh!

8 Week Transformation

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