The 6-Week Glute Training Programme


Looking to tone up and improve your glutes? Well you’ve come to the right place. Check out the whole product description below!

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Over the years, I have been asked to add in a lot of glute work into my clients programmes. Due to this, I have developed a abundance of knowledge about how to optimally train these muscles. I have now created a programme for all who are trying to tone up and develop their lower body, specifically their gluteal muscles. This is a 3 day lower body training programme with an emphasis on the glutes!

The training programme includes:

  1. Over 20 exercises, across 3 days in specific order
  2. Specific notes written in beside each exercise about how to complete the movement optimally
  3. Sets and reps
  4. Tempo in which to complete the lift
  5. Rest times of each exercise included
  6. Warm up routines

This package is a must for the trying to improve their lower body. For this price also, its a steal!