8-Week Online Transformation Plan (Pre order for 1st of December 2019)


“Signing up to the 8 week transformation programme with Josh is one of the best decisions I’ve made all year!” Allison, 2018.

For €37.50 a week, this programme is open to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life and their physique! This is ideal for anyone who wants to lose some body fat, gain some lean muscle or do both at the same time. Get on board for the next 8 weeks and make a positive impact in your life! Let me help you achieve your goals! I am here to support, motivate and inspire you every step of the way.


What it involves:





This is an exclusive package that I will run with only one group for 8 weeks. There is a limit as to how many clients I will take on each time, so get your place now!

Check below for a full product description and check out the client results and testimonial section to see what previous clients had to say about the programme

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Whether the goal is to loose body fat, or bulk up, having individualised meal and training plans in place is crucial to fast tracking your results, minimising fat gain and maximising fat loss and muscle gain. It also helps to structure you’re eating and workouts and takes the guessing out of the equation. This programme is designed to help you achieve your goals!

This package involves:

  1. PERSONALISED TRAINING PLAN: A specific training questionnaire which you will receive upon purchase. I will then analyse the information you provide e.g. weekly schedule, training goals, training history, competence on certain lifts, what types of training you like and dislike etc. and create a programme perfectly fitted to achieving your goals!

  2. PERSONALISED MEAL PLAN: This package also involves a specific nutritional questionnaire which you will receive upon purchase. I will then analyse the information you provide e.g. daily routine, eating times, food preferences i.e. what foods you like and don’t like etc. I then make an individualised, personal meal plan which is tailored to meet your needs and work towards achieving your goals. The plan is packed with variety, with over 30 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to choose from. This gives you the choice to pick and choose what foods you want to eat, all of which will add up to your caloric goal!

  3. CHECK INS: What makes this package different is that you will have 2 weekly checkins via WhatsApp. This will be to run through how your general mood is, sleep and stress. In addition, how your training and diet is going and to evaluate how your body is reacting to caloric and training targets which we will set together. We will also use myfitness pal which is a calorie counting app and this will allow me to have a look at what foods you are taking in on a weekly basis. No matter what, I will always be available 7 days of the week to answer any queries or questions you have relating to the programme.

  4. VIDEO EXERCISE LIBRARY: I have recently created an exercise library with close to 100 videos of every exercise in which I could prescribe to you. So if you’re unsure how to do a movement in the warm up, or how to perform/ execute or even set up one of the exercises in your programme, this will guide you through it from start to finish almost as if I was standing beside, coaching you! It is filled with a full video, most have front and side view and then recorded over is my coaching cues as to how to execute the exercise with precision.

Let me help in making a positive change in your life!


***N.B. This is is an online programme. This package doesn’t include any one to one sessions. If you would like to do so, we can set it up for sure!